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GIMP 2.99.10 est sorti, une version de plus vers la Finale GIMP 3.0

Publié le 1 Mars 2022 par TUXLIBRE in THE GIMP

GIMP 2.99.10 est sorti, une version de plus vers la Finale GIMP 3.0

La nouvelle version de développement de la prochaine version majeure 3.0 de l'éditeur d'images populaire, GIMP 2.99.10, est sortie hier soir !

Le site Web de GIMP n'annonce pas la sortie pour le moment de cette version, on la trouve pourtant sur le dépôt des versions de développement et un article complet lui est consacré, on peur donc se faire une idée sur les évolution majeur de notre logiciel préféré. Cette version apporte encore une fois de nombreuses modifications par rapport à la version 2.99.8. Vous pouvez retrouver l'intégralité de ces changement au fond de ce post (en Anglais).

Pour l'essentiel on trouve :

  • Les icônes de verrouillage dans les éléments ancrables (calques, canaux, chemins) ont été déplacées à côté de l'icône de visibilité
  • Alt-clic sur les icônes de visibilité et de verrouillage dans les éléments ancrables bascule massivement la visibilité et verrouille parmi les éléments sélectionnés
  • Les éléments ancrables affichent désormais les en-têtes d'icônes pour la colonne de visibilité et de verrouillage
  • Le thème Système affiche des indices visibles autour de la visibilité non définie et verrouille les icônes lorsque vous les survolez dans les éléments ancrables
  • Nouvelle case à cocher pour activer ou désactiver la dynamique dans les options des outils de peinture
  • "Remplir par détection de dessin au trait" dans l'outil de remplissage de seau a une nouvelle option
  • Canaux et chemins multi-sélectionnables
  • Suppression des portails de capture d'écran KDE et GNOME au profit de Freedesktop one
  • L'implémentation de la capture d'écran Windows a maintenant une option "Inclure le pointeur de la souris"
  • API libgimp nouvelle et modifiée pour les développeurs de plug-ins


Pour installer cette version qui est une version instable il faut passer le format Flatpak, si celui-ci n'est pas traité par votre distribution passez la première commande dans un terminal sinon passez directement à la seconde commande :

sudo apt install flatpak

Installer le repo :

flatpak remote-add --user flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo

Installer Gimp 2.99.10 :

flatpak install --user flathub-beta org.gimp.GIMP


PS: Une erreur de dépandance m'a empècher d'installer sur la version Ubuntu 22.04.

                   GNU Image Manipulation Program
                         Development Branch

This is the unstable branch of GIMP.

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.99.8 to GIMP 2.99.10


  - Linked layers concept replaced by named sets of layers:
    * One can now store your current selection of layers under any given
      name and select it again later.
    * You can also search for layers by their names with patterns
      (as configured in Preferences, see next news item) and save this
      pattern search if desired.
  - Preferences > Interface now has an "Item search" with a dropdown
    settings proposing the following values:
    * Basic text search: this search does tokenization, case-folding and
      UTF-8 normalization. Moreover ASCII alternates are compared, which
      means that e.g. "e" would matched accented versions (such as "é"
      or others).
    * Glob pattern search: this is the GLib implementation of this
      pattern syntax. It matches '*' (wildcard) and '?' (joker). GLib
      docs notes also: "Note that in contrast to glob(), the '/'
      character can be matched by the wildcards, there are no '[...]'
      character ranges and '*' and '?' can not be escaped to include
      them literally in a pattern."
    * Regular expression search: Perl-compatible regular expressions as
      implemented in GLib.
  - New item visibility lock: forbidding to change the state of
    visibility of a given item. This is useful when shift-clicking
    massively items visibility, but you want to exclude some specific
    items from the visibility switch.
  - New internal API gimp_widget_blink_rect() to blink only specific
    area of a widget, which may be useful for various notification-type
    exchanges. This is used in particular to blink lock cells in
    GimpItemTreeView in order to point attention to the reason why an
    action is forbidden (e.g. when trying to paint on a layer with
    pixels locked, a message would be shown on status bar and the "Lock
    pixels" icon would blink).
  - XCF version 16 with support of item sets.
  - Wayland:
    * Clean some popup code out of gtk_menu_popup() which is deprecated
      and won't work anymore on Wayland (wrong positionning).
    * Use GtkGestureDrag in ColorWheel module and ScrolledPreview widget
      to avoid unwanted popups and make us future-proof for GTK4.
  - macOS: various improvements for macOS support of the development
    version. In particular the slowness issues have been solved and
    various bugs have been fixed.
  - The debug dialog only gets a backtrace of the main thread now,
    because of some bugs in GDB locking GIMP when trying to get a full
    backtrace for all threads.
  - The line art data is now stored for a few additional minutes in the
    user context after closing the bucket fill tool. This allows quick
    switch between tools without forcing a recomputation of the line
  - Stroking a path with source tools (Clone, Heal…) is now possible
    when the tool is active and a source was selected.
    Technically it's more of a bug fix because the GUI existed as though
    it was meant to work, but since the report has existed for more than
    13 years and I'm not sure it has ever worked, it's worth writing it
  - Block the statusbar from needlessly triggering full canvas redraws
    by not propagating its resize requests. This is quite a useful
    optimization for macOS in particular (but any OS in general too).
  - Alpha and position locks can now be set on layer groups. Alpha lock
    on groups mostly works like pixel lock (except for the alpha channel
    only). Position lock work both ways by forbidding moving child
    layers but also parent layers.
  - XCF version 17 with support of visibility locks, as well as ability
    to set alpha or position locks on layer groups.

User Interface:

  - Link icon removed from the Layers dockable.
  - Lock icon its now made visible next to the "Eye" icon (visibility)
    on each item row, where the Link icon was. It raises a popover to
    switch all available locks (contents, position, visibility, alpha):
    * This makes locks much more obvious rather than when they were at
      the dockable header.
    * This also works better with multiple selection of items (when one
      selected item is locked and another is not, the lock button were
      ending up in inconsistent state).
    * This is clearer by showing or not icons (rather than always
      showing several icons, yet with toggle design which is not even so
      understandable depending on the theme used). If no locks are set,
      nothing is shown; if only one lock is set, a specific icon is
      shown; if several locks are set, a multi-lock icon is shown (and
      one need to click to get the list of locks).
    * Locks can now be set massively with shift and alt-click (see next
      item) with the same logics as you can change visibility massively
      on the eye button.
  - Visibility (eye icon) and lock columns in the item dockables are
    given an icon header to be more discoverable.
  - Alt-click on eye and lock icons allows to massively switch
    visibility/lock state but only within selected items (unlike
    shift-click which switch within all items at same level).
  - Channels and vectors are now multi-selectable (though actions may
    have not been all updated yet to handle multiple items).
  - On-hover indicators around inactive/unset eye/locked toggles in
    Layer/Channels/Paths dialogs.
  - GimpSpinScale made more compact.
  - New "Welcome dialog" which appears only after a new installation or
    an update, will show a few common links, and the release notes
    (taken from the AppStream data, so they can even be localized).
  - The new "Welcome dialog" comes with a new splash screen by Aryeom.


  - It is now possible to enable/disable dynamics in a single checkbox.
    The dynamics "Dynamics Off" which used to be in the default list has
    been removed as disabling dynamics is now equivalent and much faster
    (it's also faster to get back to whatever dynamics you were using
  - A new action "context-dynamics-toggle" is available, allowing to
    switch dynamics ON/OFF (see previous news item) with a shortcut.
  - New option "Allow closing lines in selected layer" in the "Fill by
    line art detection" mode of bucket fill tool. Basically this allows
    to use the fill color (foreground or background color) as closure
    color in the drawable to be filled. This is an additional step after
    the line art computation to allow fast usage.


  - PSD:
    * new support for loading 16-bit per channel CMYK images.
    * new support for files in LAB colorspace.
    * new support for loading 32-bit per channel images (some code
      existed yet may have never really worked).
    * Add extra layer groups when loading PSD images with clipping
      layers: PhotoShop handles clipping layers in a different way than
      GIMP. The only way to have it look the same is by adding extra
      layer groups. PSD layers that have clipping set, combined with the
      first non clipping layer below it are grouped together in a new
      layer group. Doing this results in the same image as the PSD
      merged image unless there are other PSD elements in play that we
      don't handle yet.
    * PSD layers with clipping set need clip to backdrop as composite
      mode: Certain PSD layers have a flag called clipping set to 1. We
      were not handling this flag and had some reports about colors
      bleeding where they were not supposed to. We are going to set
      GIMP's layer composite_mode to GIMP_LAYER_COMPOSITE_CLIP_TO_BACKDROP,
      which is the closest we can get to PhotoShop's clipping. With
      this, the colors won't bleed anymore.
  - JPEG XL:
    * Bit depth now selectable in JXL export.
    * Import in 8-bit and 16-bit integer precision now possible for
      lossless images. (GIMP used to import all JXL images as 32-bit float
      precision images).
    * New very fast export settings: thunder and lightning (fastest).
    * Compression slider is disabled for lossless.
  - Screenshot:
    * Remove KDE and GNOME screenshot portal in favor of Freedesktop
      portal. Security restrictions make them more and more unsuable on
      recent KDE and GNOME versions.
    * Set the "interactive" option to TRUE for the Freedesktop API, so
      that the screenshot options are presented immediately (instead of
      taking a screenshot, then only proposing options to try again).
      This is more consistent to how our non-D-Bus screenshot plug-in
      used to work.
    * Windows: cursor capture option now available.
  - CUR: added load and export support for Microsoft Windows cursor
    (.cur) files.
  - HEIF: bit depth heuristic removed for the settings. The plug-in just
    stores and set back the last used values as for other settings
    instead of trying to be "clever".
  - help-browser and webpage are now marked "unmaintained" and building
    them is discouraged, except for developers. The reasons are: the
    multiple problems for building, while it is not even available on
    Windows anymore (and unsure if it will ever be solved anytime soon),
    bringing features which nowadays most people have with browsers
    installed by default on systems (allowing to read the manual and
    take full webpage screenshots).


  - Improved Coding Style document with commit message styling, git
    usage, comment styling, natural language text rules, localization
    and some section reorganization.
  - GExiv2 dependency bumped to 0.12.2 (fixing bothersome warnings on
    some unknown metadata domains).
  - libjxl dependency bumped to 0.6.1.
  - New meson option -Dcan-crosscompile-gir=true to force
    GObject-Introspection generation even when cross-compiling (some
    people manage to do it, e.g. with Yocto).
  - Added .clang-format file and new CI pipeline to verify coding-style
    issues in merge requests.
  - New tool `flatpak-releases` to easily list and install specific
    versions of our flatpak builds, which can be a great help when
    debugging or trying to bisect with released binaries.
  - Important refactoring of icon builds:
    * Whether using meson or autotools, and whether installing vector
      icons or raster ones (with --disable-vector-icons), the same lists
      are always used and no icons are missing. The new custom tool
      tools/generate-icon-makefiles.py makes sure the Makefile list is
      in sync with the meson one.
      The lists are committed in icons/icon-lists/ with a "usage
      grouping" logics when possible.
    * PNG versions for Color and Symbolic icon themes should not be
      committed anymore. The Symbolic PNG version are generated with
      GTK tool gtk-encode-symbolic-svg and the Color PNG version are
      rendered with a new custom tool tools/colorsvg2png.c.
    * New weekly CI to build with raster icons on meson and autotools
      and making sure the build systems are well synced.
    * Meson's -Dvec-icons option renamed to -Dvector-icons.
  - meson dependency bumped to 0.53.0.
  - We recommend fontconfig 2.13.95 or over on Windows where support for
    user-installed fonts (feature appeared in Windows 1809) was
    implemented. GIMP had its own workaround until now, which got
    removed in this version.
  - Optimization of the DLL search script for creating the Windows
    installer, which made the "packaging-win*-native" jobs in particular
    run from over 2 hours in some cases to about 10 minutes. So it's a
    big gain for the creation wait for the Windows installer.


  - Vala bindings gimp-3.vapi and gimp-ui-3.vapi were renamed to
    gimp-3.0.vapi and gimp-ui-3.0.vapi respectively in the autotools
    build (now consistent with meson).
  - Changes in libgimp:
    * GimpStringArray type was removed in favor of GStrv. Various libgimp
      API were updated to use GStrv, and relevant plug-in procedures with
      GStrv arguments or return values were updated as well.
    * New functions:
      + gimp_context_are_dynamics_enabled()
      + gimp_context_enable_dynamics().
      + gimp_item_get_lock_visibility()
      + gimp_item_set_lock_visibility()
      + gimp_pdb_run_procedure_config()
    * Removed functions:
      + gimp_item_get_linked()
      + gimp_item_set_linked()
  - Changes in libgimpui:
    * New widgets:
      + GimpLabelColor (now used by default for GimpRGB properties in
      + GimpLabelEntry (now used by default for string properties in
      + GimpSpinScale (formerly a core-only widget, e.g. used by the
        "Opacity" slider on the Layers dockable, moved to libgimpui to be
        usable by plug-ins)
    * New functions:
      + gimp_color_area_enable_drag()
      + gimp_event_triggers_context_menu(): alternative to
        gdk_event_triggers_context_menu() with the additional ability of
        using button release events as contextual menu triggering
        (instead of press events), which might be prefered in some
        cases. Other than this, it uses exactly the same conditions as
        its GDK counterpart.
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_spin_scale()
      + gimp_prop_label_color_new().
      + gimp_prop_label_entry_new()
      + gimp_prop_spin_scale_new()
      + gimp_prop_widget_set_factor()
    * Improved functions:
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_widget() can now generate widgets of
        type GimpSpinScale (for int/double properties) and GimpLabelColor
        or GimpColorButton (for GimpRGB properties).
      + gimp_procedure_dialog_get_color_widget() now only return
        GimpLabelColor widgets (editable or not).


  - API documentation is now built with `gi-docgen` instead of
    `gtk-doc`. The syntax for in-comment documentation is slightly
  - Important rework of the developer documentation has started in


  - 18 translations were updated: Basque, British English, Catalan,
    Chinese (China), Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Kabyle,
    Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian,
    Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.

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